The Unz Review:ㅤRussian Defense Ministry Suggests Direct American Government Responsibility for the Emergence of Covid, by Ron Unz


05-08-22 04:12:00,

Since April 2020, I’ve published a long series of articles arguing that there is a strong perhaps even overwhelming case that the global Covid epidemic that has taken over 15 million lives, including more than a million Americans, was the result of an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran).

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Although I believe I have presented an enormous amount of circumstantial—and even more than circumstantial—evidence for this extremely controversial hypothesis, virtually no alternative media outlets let alone mainstream ones have been willing to discuss this topic given its absolutely monumental implications. But that may now be starting to change.

A couple of months ago, Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, former chairman of the Lancet Covid Commission, publicly suggested that America may have been the possible source of the virus, and a clip of his remarks went super-viral on Twitter, with 11,000 retweets and a million views.

Wow😯Prof. Jeffrey Sachs:

“I chaired the commission for the Lancet for 2 years on Covid. I’m pretty convinced it came out of a US lab of biotechnology […] We don’t know for sure but there is enough evidence. [However] it’s not being investigated, not in the US, not anywhere.”

— Arnaud Bertrand (@RnaudBertrand) July 2, 2022

Partly as a consequence of Prof. Sachs’s explosive claims, I was interviewed a week ago by Sputnik News, a mainstream Russian media outlet with 20 million monthly visits,

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