The Unz Review:ㅤFBI Conducted Mass Raids Against Trump Supporters, by Paul Craig Roberts


10-09-22 04:10:00,

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FBI Conducted Mass Raids Against Trump Supporters

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The Democrats’ putsch seems to be developing as I thought —

Steve Bannon reports that “there were 35 FBI raids yesterday†targeting “senior members of MAGA, Republican supporters of Donald Trump†by the Democrats’ political police, the FBI Gestapo. Newsweek magazine said it has asked the FBI to comment on Bannon’s allegations, but has received no response.

Faced with election wipeout in November and accountability for their crimes, the Democrats are building a case for federalizing the November elections to forestall a “MAGA coup against Democracy.†Corrupt, desperate Democrats are acting desperately.

Why else all the search warrants for seizing the files of Republican leaders?

The corrupt FBI and Department of Justice (sic) can use “national security†to hide illegitimate search warrants, as we saw with the warrant to search Trump’s home. When a court ordered the warrant released, it was totally redacted and provided no information. “National security†lied the Department of Justice (sic). Even Trump supporters fall for the national security claim.

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