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10-09-22 04:00:00,

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The Death of the Deracinated West Is Close at Hand

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Carnegie Mellon University Refuses to Fire Carnegie Mellon University Professor for Calling for Queen Elizabeth II to Face an “Excruciating’ Death.â€

Imagine the professors’s fate if she had said that about a black person or a sexual pervert.

Carnegie Mellon University professor Uju Anya said she wished Queen Elizabeth II “an excruciating death.†“May her pain be excruciating.â€

Someone named Uju Anya is clearly not white. Why does Carnegie Mellon University employ preferred minorities who hate white people as professors? Doesn’t this symbolize the total failure of Carnegie Mellon University, a university that has collapsed and become subservient to illegal quota regimes, a university that believes that merit is racist?

Is Carnegie Mellon’s purpose to teach white persons to hate themselves and their culture and accomplishments? That seems to be the primary function of all of American education.

Uju Anya seems to be a white liberal creation who, being black, was bestowed with credentials from Dartmouth College,

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