The Unz Review:ㅤMass Emigration, Not Mass Immigration, Would Seem to be the Win-Win Solution for Both Globalists and Nationalists – Its Rejection Exposes the Bogus Logic of Jewish-Supremacist Steered and Cuck-Minted Western Globalism, by Jung-Freud


19-09-22 05:21:00,

In the simplest terms, it’s come down to a contest of globalists vs nationalists. Generally speaking, nationalists believe in sovereignty, secure borders, a sense of identity rooted in history & culture, preservation of ethnic majority rule(usually based on ancestral-territorial claim), and national mythos founded on collective memory & appreciation. They are about shoring up and consolidating those elements of blood, land, and memory that have either long defined the people & culture or have proven most effective as unifying agents and rallying cries. Against the nationalists are the globalists whose preferred methodology is erosion. If nationalists want strong shorelines of rocks and fortified banks that withstand the waves, globalists favor a more fluid and flowing future where nationalist properties are weakened, fragmented, disintegrated, and sunk under the waves.

Globalist logic can be optimistic or pessimistic, though both modes may operate simultaneously. On the optimistic side, usually favored by globalist elites with the easiest access to new opportunities, is the notion that nationalism is an outmoded and anachronistic organizing principle and managerial method. The world is much smaller today with mass communication and ease of mobility, and it’s about time for all peoples to become ‘global citizens’ than to be anchored in the restrictions of identity, loyalty, sentimentality, and patriotism aligned to one particular nation. Besides, in a world defined by the Future, why let the past(of ancestry and history) define who you are and what you can do? One should choose one’s nationality, or buy-and-sell it like a commodity.

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