The Unz Review:ㅤ1996 Edition of Roger Ebert’s Video Companion – Titles Under ‘B’, by Jung-Freud


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We continue with the survey of the 1996 Edition of Roger Ebert’s Video Companion. Entries under ‘A’ Heading. What follows are entries in the B category.

Titles in bold letters: Seen by Me; otherwise, not seen or only partly seen

Numbers in parenthesis: Star Ratings by Roger Ebert

Numbers in brackets: My Ratings

Babyfever (3) – 1994

Baby It’s You (3)[4] – 1983

A demonstration, happy and sad, of what John Sayles was capable of when he left his do-gooderism, boomer ‘radicalism’, and striving for ‘significance’ on the shelf. A most happy result, by far his best work, as well as a sad reminder of why his other works fall short, not due to lack of talent but excess of self-aggrandizing ‘social consciousness’.

Baby’s Day Out (1 ½) – 1994

Backbeat (2) [2 ½] – 1994

This film accentuates the problem of the inimitable nature of celebrity. Some people are significant for what they’ve done, but celebrities owe much of their fame to their image. The Beatles clearly accomplished much in music, but the unmistakable faces of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison have been etched in our collective consciousness. Anthony Hopkins looks nothing like Richard Nixon, but Oliver Stone made it work because it came down to Nixon the doer, a key agent of history. In contrast, the Beatles became pop icons,

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