ㅤQ Is Spyware (Now on Your Phone) Controlled by the Knights of Maltaㅤq-is-spyware-(now-on-your-phone)-controlled-by-the-knights-of-malta

22-09-22 10:52:00,

“Q” is AI-driven software that is controlled by the Knights of Malta, according to Tore Maras, who presents this headspinning podcast, fresh off of being kicked off the ballot in the contest for Ohio Secretary of State – and having sued and won her candidacy back in the upcoming Midterm Elections!

Tore was dropping bombs on Thursday, not before having been widely derided by the Leftist Mainstream Media, who’d smeared her as someone who MUST be disqualified because she’s a “QAnon” proponent.

She bristles intensely at this, saying here that VICE, CNN et al. sound like idiots,

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