The Unz Review:ㅤSchooling and Education Amid the Siege: A Perspective, by Robert S. Griffin


23-09-22 04:00:00,

This writing sketches out a perspective on schooling and education (they are different things; more on that later on) for your consideration, including what, if anything, to do about it.

Me: Retired after a career in schooling, first as a high school teacher and later a professor of education. Late in life, the birth of a daughter, now eighteen, who grew up with her mother in another state from where I live. I stayed in contact with my daughter from long range through email and regular visits, which included observing her classes in school and talking with her teachers, and I read the frequent communiques schools sent to parents. A couple of weeks ago as I write this, she started college near where I live. All to say, I bring a parental as well as a professional perspective to bear on this concern.

The context: The full-bore campaign I’m witnessed up close to shape the hearts and minds of students in its favored direction by what, over the half-century span of my career, have become politicized-left American elementary and secondary public schools. (It’s going on in universities too, don’t I know, but that’s not the focus here.) If you’re reading this publication you know the thrust: schools have taken it upon themselves—who needs a mandate?—to disparage and demonize this country and its political and cultural heritage as racist, sexist, and oppressive, and use the school and its captive students as a venue for promoting a brand of identity politics that includes beating up on White people and getting them to beat up on themselves.

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