The Unz Review:ㅤWe Might be Spared Nuclear War for Now But the Threat of Home Grown Tyranny Remains, by Paul Craig Roberts


23-09-22 04:10:00,

Dear Supporters, thank you for a stronger September quarterly response. It is a difficult task to produce accurate information and intelligent analysis in a politicized world in which official narratives are weapons and facts are suppressed. With your support, this website has continued for more than a decade. It is read worldwide. It is reposted on other widely read websites. It is translated into other languages. Many of my columns are translated and published in Russian newspapers, including recent ones in which I have been critical of Putin. The freedom of the Russian press contrasts strongly with the censorship of the Western media.

As readers know, I am convinced that Putin’s toleration of insults and provocations has had the effect of encouraging more and worse provocations and not, as he intended, to downplay conflict. As you also know, I am convinced that his “limited military operation†in Donbass designed to protect the Donbass Russians, formerly a part of Russia, from horrible abuse by Ukrainian forces and the neo-Nazi militias, was a mistake. It is a mistake because the West characterized a limited operation as an “invasion of Ukraine,†and used its slow progress as evidence of Russian failure. It is a mistake because the go-slow nature of the Russian offensive in order to minimize the impact on civilian lives and infrastructure gave the West plenty of time to convince itself to get more and more involved with diplomatic support, money, armaments and ammunition, training, and now with satellite information for targeting the Russian forces.

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