ㅤEpic Discussion on the Future and Fate of America Featuring Dr Judy Mikovits, Patrick Byrne and Mikki Willisㅤepic-discussion-on-the-future-and-fate-of-america-featuring-dr-judy-mikovits,-patrick-byrne-and-mikki-willis

24-09-22 12:22:00,

Owen Shroyer hosts an excellent roundtable discussion on the future and fate of America featuring Dr Judy Mikovits of, Mikki Willis of and Patrick Byrne of

It starts out with a discussion about disagreements and drama in the movement, between PhDs and MDs, allopaths and naturopaths, etc. some of which they feel is not natural and being provocateured.

Patrick Byrne says, “What’s happening is what they’ve been scared of all my life, that’s a populist movement that united the Left and the Right…

“We have to really thwart the people who are trying to get the war started and they’re trying to get the war started by making this an ‘Us-Them’ thing;

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