The Unz Review:ㅤEnding Racial Blackmail, by Joseph Kay


10-11-22 05:10:00,

Thanks to the Supreme Court, the policy of racial preferences (affirmative action) is back in the news. Preferences have been around for a half century, so the pro and con arguments are well established. On the pro side, preferences are justified by the alleged advantages of “diversity,†while opponents say they are illegal, unfair, and that the benefits of “diversity†are unproven.

There is, however, another opposing argument: Racial preferences are blackmail. They are unearned benefits to bribe blacks into good behavior. We pay the blackmail, but it fails to deliver tranquility. It’s a terrible deal.

At the time of the urban riots of the 1960s, affirmative action seemed to be a cost-effective solution to urban anarchy. Preferences could be implemented by executive order and the costs of government contractors hiring black workers or schools admitting a few blacks would be widely spread out. Beneficiaries would surely move into the mainstream. Nor would many whites object to extending a “helping hand†to people who had long suffered unfair discrimination. Now, preferences are embedded.

The anti-racial preference argument needs to change. Success will not come by filing lawsuits or showing how preferences undermine merit. If these arguments worked, affirmative action would have been ended by legislation. The very idea of racial preferences must be exposed for what it is: extortion. We pay lavishly for a policy that has failed.

Today’s America resembles those English and French coastal towns between the 9th and 11th century that paid the Danegeld to appease marauding Vikings,

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