The Unz Review:ㅤWith Some Self-Awareness, White Americans Would Realize That Chinese Work with Jews to Undermine the West Because Whites Have Been Doing Exactly the Same Thing, by Jung-Freud


10-11-22 08:15:00,

Americans, especially White Americans, the descendants of the founding stock of the nation, no longer have a country because they are so lacking in self-awareness. Both elitism and populism among white Americans have failed.

White ‘liberals’ tend to be elitist, and this has meant most of them coming under the influence of Jewish-dominated academia, media, and think-tanks. This thing called ‘Critical Theory’ that whites soak up in academia doesn’t mean development of a critical mindset but Jewish-directed critical subversion of all things white, European, patriotic, and Christian. It has no room for critical approach toward Jewish Power, Homo vanity, or Negro-megalomania(or Negrolomania). So, white ‘liberals’ become mindless parrots of Jewish/Globalist Power.

This affects even the elites of the Christian Church. They soak up the same influences in academia & media dominated by Jews and try to remold the Church to promote the Tri-Supremacism of Jewish Power, Black Rage, and Homo Vanity. Or, many who claim to be ‘Christian’ are really globalist agents serving as wolf(or weasel) in sheep-skin.

White ‘liberals’ dominate white elite circles because they are more inclined toward intellectual, cultural, and/or statist pursuits, but as they follow the lead of Jewish Power, they never conceive of an agenda or policy that is good for whites. They submit to a set of ‘values’ that are said to be about ‘justice’ and ‘equity’, but it really means whites lose out to facilitate Jews getting richer, blacks grabbing privilege, homos receiving adulation,

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