Real Democracy Means Democracy Of Information: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


11-11-22 02:42:00,

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The media are lying to us, as evidenced by reality never matching with their stories.

The politicians are lying to us, as evidenced by their never delivering on their promises.

The capitalist class are lying to us, as evidenced by their getting richer while workers get poorer.

I don’t want innovations which improve my shopping experience or make smartphones a tiny bit better, I want innovations which eliminate world hunger, innovations which make it so people have more free time, innovations which help humans live in harmony with our ecosystem.

If you’re a middle class westerner, technology is already at a point where they’re not going to be coming out with any new personal gadgets that make your life significantly better. But there’s a massive amount of room for innovation that can make life much better for people as a whole. In terms of societal transformation technology still has the ability to radically improve the quality of human life, while in terms of rugged individualism technology is just going to give the wealthiest humans more of the same kinds of toys that are already failing to make them happy.

The line of technological progress which is premised on individuals purchasing new inventions for themselves has long passed its point of diminishing returns, and now those returns are functionally nil. We don’t really need any more inventions for individual purchase and consumption. 

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