ㅤHunter Biden is an Artistㅤhunter-biden-is-an-artist

18-11-22 04:50:00,

Recently, @MarioNawfal was hosting a TwitterSpace regarding the @FTX_Official saga with massive attention & big name speakers.

Yesterday, Mario made a tweet with a video from Hunter Biden, claiming to be an artist & saying he will be on Mario’s show

The tweet from @MarioNawfal with the video of Hunter Biden has since been deleted…

@HashBastardsNFT recently wrote a thread with some background information on Mario and his company @ibcgroupio

Read here:

@MarioNawfal literally runs a pump and dump service for crypto shit coins and nfts.

And he’s now preaching to 30K people on spaces like he’s got the answers everything,

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