The Unz Review:ㅤThe Digital Revolution Has Destroyed the Usefulness of Telephones, by Paul Craig Roberts


18-11-22 05:00:00,

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The Digital Revolution Has Destroyed the Usefulness of Telephones

Today telephones are just invasive devices

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I remember when telephones were useful as telephones. Today they are used to surf the Internet and for text messages. Most people don’t answer the ring unless they recognize the number. Many never set up their email or message functions on their cell phones.

I keep my cell phone off and only turn it on when I have to use it in order to report Internet or power outage or to receive a security code so I can sign on and connect with an Internet financial or payment site. I have ceased answering the house phone unless I am expecting a call. 95% of calls are intrusive scams or robo calls. The digital revolution has made it possible for your privacy to be invaded by scum from every country who assume they have a right to invade your space and use your time in an attempt to take advantage of you.

Despite the destruction of privacy, a Constitutional right,

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