ㅤNeil Oliver: This Country Must Awaken to the Realization that We Are Being Taken for Foolsㅤneil-oliver:-this-country-must-awaken-to-the-realization-that-we-are-being-taken-for-fools

20-11-22 10:04:00,

What Neil Oliver says here about the situation in the UK is as true about the US, Brazil, Germany, Australia and every other Western nation that I can think of.

This is the perfect rant to send to your family members for discussion around the Thanksgiving table, especially to those who still don’t see what’s going on: that we are in a world war being fought against all peoples by the financial establishment using 5th Generation Warfare. What he describes here is exactly what that looks like.


I keep waiting for the Betrayal Too Far: that action by the State against Britain that finally pushes every last citizen of the country that used to be Britain into the grim realization that those illegitimates are out to get us.

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