The Unz Review:ㅤBeware of Nominalism — Why Russian &Amp; Chinese National Fascisms Are Necessary Bulwarks Against Jewish-Gangster-Globalist-Fascism — Paradox of How the US Destroys True Democracy Around the World by Promoting Its Parasitic Brand of Deep State Imperial Democracy, by Jung-Freud


20-11-22 04:05:00,

Michael Lind: “Another answer is that members of the establishment are almost all nominalists. That is to say, if they give something a name, it takes on real existence in their minds. The Afghan National Army offers a perfect example. Because we called it an army, gave it lots of American money, equipment and training, and knew its order of battle, it was an army. But it wasn’t.”

‘Democracy’ is a word game in our political culture of nominalism, or judging things by name or brand than what it really is.

Fascist Theory of Power is true. All things of power turn ‘fascist’. Ideology gives into the true dynamics of power, and the winners(or at least survivors) subscribe to all or most of the pillars of power-essentialism.

Jews used to be socialist, anarchist, communist, liberal, libertarian, or etc. Today, Jews are overwhelmingly tribal. They are now focused on power, not principles. Of course, they tirelessly invoke principles but only to twist and bend them to the needs of power, not the other way around. Fascist theorists understood this nature of power and human nature. In time, all things, at least those with the will and wherewithal to survive and gain in strength, turn fascist. A movement can start from the right or the left, but the end result for survivors and winners is the intersection where fascist truths converge. It’s been said fascism was defeated in WWII,

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