The Unz Review:ㅤWasting Wales: Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru Have a Virtuous Vision of National Negation, by Tobias Langdon


21-11-22 05:20:00,

Right behind your eyes. That’s where you’ll find the most complex thing in the known universe. And right before your eyes is where you’ll presently find the second-most complex thing in the known universe. What are those things? Well, the most complex thing in the known universe is the human brain. And the most second-complex thing is language, as created and processed by the human brain. A single, simple sentence like this is, in some ways, much more complex than a star. A longer text, like a short story or novel, is more complex than a galaxy or even an entire universe of non-biological phenomena.

Geniuses of language

That gap in complexity is why human beings have made so much progress in astronomy and physics and so little progress in linguistics. Of course, physics has attracted geniuses for centuries and linguistics hasn’t, but that’s because physics is a much simpler science. A genius can make progress in physics but not in linguistics in rather the way that a good athlete can swim across the Mississippi but not across the Atlantic. Problems in physics are river-crossings; problems in linguistics are ocean-crossings. How did language evolve? How is it encoded in our genes and instantiated in the brain? Those are much tougher questions than, say: How does the sun shine? When it comes to language, we human beings are like spiders spinning webs or bees building hives. We can do amazing things with words,

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