ㅤIs FTX Tied to Pedophile Blackmail Networks? – It’s Much Worse than You Thought – John Perezㅤis-ftx-tied-to-pedophile-blackmail-networks?-–-it’s-much-worse-than-you-thought-–-john-perez

22-11-22 02:41:00,

How do pedophile blackmail operations tie into a crypto slush fund? John Perez joined Man in America’s Seth Holehouse to explain.

John Perez has been triggering HODLrs with his talk of a “crypto conspiracy” for a while and he’s long maintained that you’ll find Jeffrey Epstein at the bottom of much in the crypto space.

John says, “It was Joi Ito, who was a tech guy at MIT who actually worked with Epstein to help create Bitcoin. Nobody’s talking about this story.”

Joichi “Joi” Ito is a former director of the MIT Media Lab.

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