Does Life or Death Govern the Universe? Part 5: Creative Resistance to the Church of Entropy


23-11-22 11: 33: 00,

In our last installment of this series, we explored the evolution of a bad idea known as eugenics throughout the 20th century following its transformation into new clothing after World War II which called itself “transhumanism”.

This new “science” danced with another bad idea masquerading as a “universal law” which was called “entropy” and found its champions among an array of social engineers who were committed to a static faith in a dying universe managed by an impotent and irrational God who was made in their own image. The practical application of this entropic science of population control took the form of a system dubbed “cybernetics” founded by an apostle of Bertrand Russell named Norbert Wiener- both of whom attempted to appropriate the name of Gottfried Leibniz (founder of calculus, binary language and computing machines) as a new god head within their new Church.

As we saw in part 2, Leibniz ironically stood in opposition to everything which this new death cult represented.

In this final segment of the series, I wish to give the last word to several leading scientists who took a stand in our modern age against the rise of this cult of darkness. These scientists not only rejected the soul-less system of logic upon which the cult of entropy was birthed, but made revolutionary breakthroughs of universal principle that transformed mankind’s very relationship to the universe itself. In EVERY SINGLE CASE, the discoveries made by these scientists could not have occurred without their devout faith in a universe made by a living God of animated by Creativity,

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