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Victims of a 38-Year Old Child Protective Services Wrongful Prosecution Pardoned

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38 years ago Gerald Amirault, his sister Cheryl, and their mother Violet were framed up by totally corrupt prosecutors and by a totally corrupt media. It was all driven by the Child Protection Services Act passed by Congress in 1980.

Emotional “child advocates†claimed that it was routine for parents to abuse their children, sexually and by beatings to discipline them. Once the act was passed and CPS offices with authority to seize children from parents were set up all over the US, the bureaucracy needed child abusers in order to justify its existence. As few abusers materialized, the bureaucracy was desperate for cases and turned the most absurd statement from the youngest child and the bruise from childhood play into proof of abuse.

The Amirault’s child care center for working mothers was an early victim. The brother and sister spent most of their life in prison and under a cloud as sex offenders, and their mother died in prison or shortly after her release.

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