The Unz Review:ㅤWill Putin Ever Realize That Russia Is at War?, by Paul Craig Roberts


23-11-22 05:05:00,

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Will Putin Ever Realize That Russia Is at War?

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Two days ago I posted Mike Whitney’s article predicting the role-up of Ukraine that Russia’s winter offensive will bring. Whether or not it happens remains to be seen, but Whitney is correct in the sense that this is what Russia needs to do in order to prevent the conflict from widening into World War III and to bring the conflict to a favorable conclusion for Russia.

The already long drawn-out conflict, itself foolishly delayed for 8 years while the Kremlin misplaced its hopes on the Minsk Agreement, has proved to be a strategic blunder that permitted US and NATO involvement, sanctions that disrupted Russian businesses, two new members of NATO willing to host US nuclear weapons near Russia’s borders, and more red line crossing provocations, such as the execution of Russian POWs and the attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines and Crimea bridge. Far from limiting the conflict, Putin’s “limited military operation†greatly expanded it. Today we have, once again, Russia fighting on her own territory,

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