The Unz Review:ㅤA True Thanksgiving Day Story—America’s Forgotten Sixties Black Riot, by Carl Horowitz


24-11-22 05:10:00,

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“Don’t make the black kids angry.†Aside from being good advice generally, these words were the title of a book by the late Colin Flaherty, a man who grasped why racial integration, whether forced or “encouraged,†results in something less than peace, love and understanding. Sporting events are a case in point. As America descends further into anti-whiteness, it is worth remembering how a long-forgotten riot at a football game in the nation’s capital 60 years ago got us to where we are.

More than 50,000 fans filled the stands of District of Columbia (now Robert F. Kennedy) Stadium on November 22, 1962 for the annual Thanksgiving battle for local high school football supremacy. One school was public and all-black (it had been a white school before desegregation in 1955); the other was Catholic and almost all-white. A lot more was on the line than bragging rights. Knowing what we know now, the black-on-white mass attack that began near the end of the game, and continued for hours, seemed almost fated to happen.

To make a long story short, the white team won. That’s why the riot happened. But I digress.

In the early Sixties, black Civil Rights activists, led by Martin Luther King Jr., took their nationwide crusade to a new level.

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