ㅤWhat’s Joe Hiding? & Global Breakdown with Juan O Savinㅤwhat’s-joe-hiding?-&-global-breakdown-with-juan-o-savin

15-01-23 10:48:00, FacebookTwitterRedditPinterestEmailLinkedInStumbleUpon

Juan O Savin joins Josh Reid on AMP’s Unrestricted Truths for one of the best information sessions that I’ve seen from Juan in a long time and it’s definitely worth a listen.

Juan goes into the details of how the Chinese control the narco-and-human trafficking gangs and how the cellphones provided to the migrants are being monitored by the Chinese. Josh adds that the Chinese are engaged in a proxy war with the United States through this mass invasion that is costing American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars per year and with the fentanyl,

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