The Unz Review:ㅤThe “‘Leading Against White Supremacy Act of 2023”, by Kevin MacDonald


18-01-23 05:05:00,

Sheila Jackson Lee, a Black radical activist Congresswoman from Houston has introduced a bill in the House that would criminalize thought crimes, and in particular it would criminalize sites like The Occidental Observer, but also the much more mainstream Tucker Carlson. This is because it includes “replacement theory” as a possible motivation and would apply to anyone who writes or talks about replacement theory in a public forum so that someone seeing it online could be inspired to commit a crime as a result (say, assaulting an immigrant). In such a case, the writer or talk show personality would be considered a co-conspirator.

This is chilling to say the least and would obviously gut the First Amendment if upheld by the courts. Rep. Lee has denied that the bill would only apply to White people on the ground that, say, a Black person who expresses concern about replacement theory could also be indicted, either as committing the assault or as writing about replacement theory in a way that might motivate a crime. It goes without saying that Democrats (there have been many) who are quite positive about White replacement would not be indicted.

I have been informed by a reliable source that Norman Moon, the judge in the Charlottesville cases, ruled that defendants can be held to have conspired with people they never met and didn’t even know. Since Moon is a federal judge, his ruling presumably has precedential value. This is astonishing and frightening.

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