The Unz Review:ㅤPatrick J. Buchanan, Christian Gentleman, Hangs Up His Pen, by Tom Piatak


24-01-23 05:10:00,

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Last Friday, January 20, brought the sad news that Patrick Joseph Francis Buchanan—universally known as “Pat”—had decided to end his column. From any standpoint, Buchanan must be judged one of the most important newspaper columnists in American history. As I put it on Twitter as soon as I heard the news, “Just saw the notice of Pat Buchanan retiring from his column. Pat’s column was always a model of clarity, civility, courage, and conviction. It was a great gift to America and a great inspiration to me.” Even though I am a nobody on Twitter, and refuse to pay the fee that Twitter promises will boost my posts, my brief tweet has, at this point, garnered almost 48,000 views, 645 likes, 68 retweets, and 26 comments, nearly all of which were favorable.

The sheer longevity of Pat’s career was notable. He left the cozy confines of The St. Louis Globe-Democrat in 1965, to help Richard Nixon begin his big comeback from the political oblivion to which Nixon retreated after his embarrassingly large defeat by Pat Brown in the 1962 California gubernatorial race.

Pat’s future wife Shelley goes back even further with Nixon, having served as his secretary in 1959.

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