ㅤKash Patel: The Librarians at NARA Didn’t Start this Classified Document Investigationㅤkash-patel:-the-librarians-at-nara-didn’t-start-this-classified-document-investigation

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“I may be a little biased, as the Chief Investigator for RussiaGate for Devin Nunes back then, but let me just put this in terms: The head of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division for New York City, which is the biggest counterintelligence operation the FBI has in our country was in bed with the Russian government while McGonigal, who was Peter Strzok’s head of the CI part of the investigation for RussiaGate.

“These guys were setting up Donald Trump – ‘these guys’ being the government gangsters at the FBI – saying he is in bed with the Russians and the Russian assets and they have the FBI’s own payroll,

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