The Unz Review:ㅤIs There Really a Difference Between the Heaven’s Gate Suicide Cult and What Is Now Happening in the West? Surely, National Suicide Cult Is Infinitely Worse Than the Self-Destruction of a Tiny Cult, by Jung-Freud


25-01-23 09:57:00,

Is there a difference between Heaven’s Gate Cult and what is now unfolding all across the West?

Heaven’s Gate cult promised life but delivered death. The followers blindly toed the line and went over the cliff. They weren’t forced(as members of Jim Jones cult were) but nevertheless felt obligated to go along to get along to fulfill their dutiful mission. And most likely, their hearts complied because they’d come under the sway of hocus-pocus presented to them a ‘spiritual’ redemption and rapture. Whatever trepidation they may have felt, it was nudged aside by their sense of True Believer-ship. They weren’t retarded or even necessarily Low IQ. But they were under the sway of a would-be guru who persuaded them that his way was the only way, the ONLY path to goodness, salvation, and ‘spiritual’ transcendence. They were anxious not to disappoint the loving master and be cast into exile.

To 99.99% of people, Heaven’s Gate cult and its members were surely fools, crazies, or retards, understandably so. Yet, what seems obvious in the other is often overlooked in the self. For example, religious person may find other religions ridiculous but fail to realize that the underpinnings of his own faith may seem just as ridiculous to peoples of other religions. So, people who are quick to dismiss the Heaven’s Gate cult as mere crackpottery might do some soul-searching and examine their own unquestioned beliefs(or unquestionable dogmas).

After all,

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