Hero of the Week: January 23, 2023: American Farmers


25-01-23 11:34:00,

Our hero this week is the American Farmer—all the individuals, families, farmers, and ranchers who continue to fight for our food, our livestock, the right to agriculture, the right to grow, and the ability to continue to make a living from our own land.

For years, American farmers and associations like the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) have struggled with increasing bureaucratic and technological hurdles in carrying out their agricultural and farming activities. One of the big obstacles—incurring unnecessary losses and delays and damaging farmers’ and ranchers’ businesses—are proprietary mechanisms and software put in place by tech and device manufacturers that bar farmers from repairing their own equipment.

It is unbelievably frustrating for farmers if they are not allowed to do the simplest repairs on their own tractor or find the nearest mechanic to help during harvest. Instead, repairs not only have to wait but must be done by the manufacturer’s personnel only and are subject to arbitrary pricing.

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