Trump announces his arrest next Tuesday


18-03-23 05:11:00,

From the very first day Trump announced his presidential run in 2016, all hell broke lose. One assault after the other was unleashed to remove him from the equation, all media assets were activate to slander him, all criminal methods were deployed to make sure he would fail.

When Trump became the US president in 2016 – to the unspeakable terror of the cabal and Deep State – they continued their unrelenting assaults, with false accusations galore. After the Russian collusion hoax, they tried impeaching him twice, and failed both times. On January 6th 2020 they set a trap to falsely accuse him of inciting an insurrection, with an attempt to arrest him. They failed again, as security footage shows the thing was staged by the FBI.

Now, after nine years of non stop attacks on Trump, they are attempting to arrest him, once again. Official documents leaked, that show the plan to arrest Trump on Tuesday of next week. On Truth Social, Trump posted:

Epoch Times reports

Trump’s possible indictment stems from the alleged misclassifying of a $130,000 hush payment made to Daniels not to disclose an affair between the two, which Trump has denied. A grand jury was empaneled in the case and expectations have been building for an indictment. Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung told Fox News in a statement Friday that Trump is “completely innocent” and that the probe is a politically motivated attack to hamstring his run for reelection in 2024.  » Lees verder