Canada and Anti-China Propaganda


22-03-23 11:42:00,

Since 2018, Canada, in complete synchronisation with the United States of America, and under its aegis, has accelerated its anti-China propaganda and hostile actions.  This is not so surprising, since the Canadian attitude towards China has changed over the decades depending on the requirements of the global hegemon of the time. Before the Second World War, London called the shots; since then it has been Washington.

The Canadians have been friendly or hostile as the hegemon required or as economic benefits dictated but they have never been open and sincere. The relationship is always tainted by a colonial attitude towards China that has been absorbed from the British and Americans into the Canadian establishment, a smug condescension that only Canadians can exhibit, along with a rabid hostility to any socialist nation or any nation that stands up to the world hegemonic claims of the United States of America, for the Canada government, controlled by the financial, industrial, and resource extraction elite has become a very loyal lieutenant of the American imperialists, and obeys their orders with enthusiasm.

There is no objective basis for this hostility.  It is true that Canada took part in the American aggression against China in Korea in 1950-53 and the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade in 1999 though China had done nothing to harm Canada in any way.  It is true that Canada has sent spies to China even during periods of warmer relations and supported efforts to undermine China;

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