Consortium News:ㅤAfter Gaza, Conflict in Asia

consortium-news:ㅤafter-gaza, conflict-in-asia
Consortium News:ㅤAfter Gaza, Conflict in Asia

03-11-23 08:10:00,

As the world’s failure to stop massacre after massacre in Gaza shows the deep failure of the U.N.-centered international system, Vijay Prashad turns attention to the conflict looming over Northeast Asia. 

Yuta Niwa, Japan, “Exterminating a Tiger-Wolf-Catfish,” 2021.

By Vijay Prashad
Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research

It is impossible to look away from what the Israeli government is doing to Palestinians not only in Gaza, but also in the West Bank.

Waves of Israeli aircraft pummel Gaza, destroying communications networks and thereby preventing families from reaching each other, journalists from reporting on the destruction and Palestinian authorities and United Nations agencies from providing humanitarian assistance. 

This violence has spurred protests across the world, with the planet’s billions outraged by the asymmetrical destruction of the Palestinian people.

If the Israeli government claims that it is conducting a form of “politicide” — excising organised Palestinian forces from Gaza — the world sees Israeli aircrafts and tanks as conducting nothing but a genocide, displacing and massacring Palestine refugees in Gaza, 81 percent  of whose residents were expelled from, or are the descendants of those who were expelled from, what was declared Israel in 1948. 

All images coming out of Gaza show that Israel’s assault is unrelenting,

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