Consortium News:ㅤTargeting Gaza From US Spy Hub in Australia

Consortium News:ㅤTargeting Gaza From US Spy Hub in Australia

03-11-23 03:46:00,

Peter Cronau reports on Canberra’s secret support for Israel’s brutal assault on Palestinians in Gaza through NSA intelligence satellites in the U.S. Pine Gap base near Alice Springs. 

Smoke and flames billow after Israeli forces struck a high-rise tower in Gaza City, Oct. 7. (Palestinian News & Information Agency, Wafa, for APAimages, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Peter Cronau
Declassified Australia

The Pine Gap U.S. surveillance base located outside of Alice Springs in Australia is collecting an enormous range of communications and electronic intelligence from the brutal Gaza-Israel battlefield — and this data is being provided to the Israel Defence Forces. 

Two large Orion geosynchronous signals intelligence satellites, belonging to the U.S. and operated from Pine Gap, are located 36,000 kms above the equator over the Indian Ocean. From there, they look down on the Middle East, Europe and Africa, and gather huge amounts of intelligence data to beam back to the Pine Gap base.

After collecting and analysing the communications and intelligence data for the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), Pine Gap is providing it to the Israel Defence Forces, as it steps up its brutal assault on Palestinians in the Gaza enclave.

“Pine Gap facility is monitoring the Gaza Strip and surrounding areas with all its resources,

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