Bergoglio wants to cancel priestly celibacy to create chaos leading to the Church’s self-destructio

Bergoglio wants to cancel priestly celibacy to create chaos leading to the Church’s self-destructio

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Bergoglio has a cunning plan to phase out celibacy in order to create chaos and complete the destruction of the Church. During his very first World Youth Day in 2013, he exhorted everyone present: “Create chaos!” On board the plane, he then approved of homosexuality, saying: “Who am I to judge him (a homosexual)?” Today, ten years later, we see it was not just a one-time statement, but with that he launched his disruptive agenda within the Church. The chaos he deliberately creates is meant to disguise the profound changes he makes and plans to make in order to accomplish the transformation of the Catholic Church into one globalist New Age Antichurch.

What is chaos? Chaos is lawlessness, confusion, where cries for justice and truth go unheard. Everything is upside down and there are no limits to crime and fraud. The spirit of lies and death, the devil, is the creator of chaos. God, on the other hand, has established His order which protects us. Bergoglio purposefully creates chaos to mislead Catholics and make them lose sight of the goal, that is, the salvation of the soul. Chaos causes them to be preoccupied with trivial matters, while Bergoglio is pushing ahead with gradual but irreversible changes to both the temporary and eternal detriment of souls.

Unfortunately, we have to admit that even the 2nd Vatican Council caused chaos. The altars were turned away from the tabernacle, or the tabernacles were moved to the side chapel. This chaos had a purpose. The spirit of neomodernism subtly penetrated the theological disciplines. The most fundamental pillars of the faith were challenged – Christ’s redemptive death on the cross, His historical and real resurrection as well as the divine inspiration of Scripture. At the same time, this chaos created space for respect for paganism and its cults. Believers adopted the false public opinion that Christianity and paganism are equally valid ways of salvation.

In his 1984 interview with Messori, Card. Ratzinger stated that after Vatican II, fascination for what was Oriental took over. Christian spirituality gave up its place to yoga or Zen meditation and to the spread of pseudo-spiritual literature. The spiritual life made way for modern psychologies, which led to the collapse of motivations for religious life. Women’s religious houses suffered the most for it. Religious sisters were teachers at US Catholic schools. With the loss of vocations and the departure of women religious, the schools became state-owned. Card. Ratzinger pointed to the disaster in Catholic Quebec in Canada, where the number of women religious declined rapidly after the Council and there were almost no new vocations.

It became fashionable to invite Buddhist monks to monasteries for the sake of so-called revival of spirituality, whether they were Benedictines, Xaverians, Jesuits… This led to anti-mission in the heart of the Church. In this chaos it was impossible to defend orthodox doctrine. The so-called respect for other religions, i.e. for pagan cults, did not allow the observance of the First Commandment. The heresies of modernism were spreading, but instead of defending the faith, the priests had to be concerned with the reform of the liturgical space and the liturgy. In these conditions of confusion, emphasizing the fact that Jesus is the only Saviour was viewed as an insult to other religions. Original and personal sin, Christ’s redemptive sacrifice on the cross, i.e. the most essential truths, were sidelined.

Mission was replaced with pagan anti-mission. Christian spirituality made way for social work. This spirit of the world and paganism opened the door to immorality. Formality exchanged the living relationship to God. Christian morality without the motivation of a living faith became just an intolerable burden.

Through the Synod on Synodality, Jorge Bergoglio is perfecting the conditions for the ultimate chaos, and the abolition of priestly celibacy is one of the means of achieving this. Meanwhile, Bergoglio will, without any hindrance, accomplish his intention of transforming the Church into a New Age Antichurch. This was preceded by his self-dedication to Satan in Canada and the enthronement of the Pachamama demon in the Vatican.

A priest prays after the Our Father in the Mass: “Lord, we pray … that by the help of Your mercy, we may always be free from sin and safe from all distress, as we await the blessed hope and the coming of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.”

Bergoglio, however, wants us all to be enslaved by sin. He wants us to be unsafe amid all distress. He does not await the coming of our Saviour, but is preparing the way for a false saviour.

As for the celibacy, we eastern bishops can rightly warn the western priesthood against cancelling it. On the other hand, we are also familiar with the issue of the celibacy of the priests in the western Church. A priest is exposed to an extraordinary pressure of the world. Besides, the priestly preparation is insufficient, and a priest mostly feels abandoned in a parish. The cancellation of celibacy is not a solution of this crisis, and it is in no way God’s will. It would neither resolve the issue of a priestly spirituality nor would it lead to a renewal of the Church.

The only solution for this situation is a return to sound spiritual principles, to restoring order, which protects priests and disposes them to a spiritual life. A priest cannot handle it alone though. He needs a community. A way out for every priest is starting a semi-religious life. A group of 4-7 priests meets every Sunday evening at one of the parishes and spends 1.5 days praying, contemplating the Word of God in a brotherly community, celebrating the Eucharist. Those are the principles of the first Christians (comp. Acts 2:42).

The priests meet on Sunday night and part their ways on Tuesday afternoon. As for the prayer, it is desirable to spend 3 hours in a community prayer and during the fourth hour, following the reading of liturgical texts for Sunday, it is necessary to pray with the Word of God over the Holy Scripture. It is possible to write down thoughts that come to mind during the prayer over the respective text. Once the hour is over, everyone can benefit from the sharing of everything that the Spirit of God has revealed to the others. The spiritual benefit will also be experienced by the believers during the Sunday homily.

Essential requirement to renew families is so-called home church, which has its prayer routine. It sits on the pillars of a regular evening prayer at 8:00-9:00pm. A different prayer agenda is prepared for every day. The part of the prayer routine of a home church is sanctification of the seventh day, when most of the time is dedicated to God, to one’s soul, one’s family and brotherly communion. This is how a firm foundation for a renewal of the Church can be built.

What chaos and what catastrophic consequences a cancellation of celibacy would bring? By cancelling of celibacy Martin Luther transformed bishops and priests to mere pastors. Jorge Bergoglio, however, would transform bishops and priests into sodomites and Satan worshippers. Depart, My people, from Bergoglio’s Babylon! (Rev 18:4)

+ Elijah 
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                               + Timothy OSBMr 
Secretary Bishops

24 October 2023