Pseudo pope Jorge Bergoglio terminates Christ’s shepherds, starting with Strickland…

15-11-23 07:11:00,

On November 9, pseudo pope Bergoglio asked Bishop Joseph Strickland, who is faithful to Catholic teaching, to resign. When the bishop refused, he illegally deposed him two days later. Bergoglio, as an arch-heretic, illegally occupies the papal office. He has brought upon himself multiple divine anathemas for heresies and for public idolatry. He, as a man who has excommunicated himself from the Church, can in no way be its head.

Jorge Bergoglio is now pushing for the Church’s blessing of sodomite unions. In 2022, he publicly consecrated himself to Satan in Canada. He cannot be and is not the Vicar of Christ on earth!

When asked if Bishop Strickland is obliged to obey Bergoglio and resign, Cardinal Müller clearly answered that he is not!

Cardinal Müller wrote for the magazine First Things: “To teach contrary to the apostolic faith would automatically deprive the pope of his office.” In an interview with LifeSiteNews, Cardinal Müller said that Pope Francis had not yet uttered a formal heresy and therefore had not lost his office.

We understand that Card. Müller in his position did not want to say directly that Francis had not lost his office, because as a conscious heretic he had never had it according to the dogmatic bull of Paul IV Cum ex apostolatus officio.

It is patently obvious that Francis is a hardened arch-heretic without parallel in history. Those who have ears to hear and eyes to see cannot accept Cardinal Müller’s statement as anything other than deliberate irony.

Or if his statement was not intended as irony, then, like some of the Church Fathers, he has committed a theological error or material heresy which he has to repent for. Otherwise, this heresy would inflict tragic harm on Catholics.

As for the formal aspect of heresy, Bergoglio commits it not only willingly and knowingly, but also purposefully, in stages and deviously. Thus Jorge Bergoglio has brought down upon himself the multiple anathema of God and is an invalid pope. Müller refers to Bergoglio’s approval of the blessing of same-sex unions as a “heresy of practice”.

St. Robert Bellarmine says about a heretical pope: “A pope who is a manifest heretic ceases in himself to be pope and head, just as he ceases in himself to be a Christian and member of the body of the Church: whereby, he can be judged and punished by the Church.” (De Romano Pontifice, II, 30)

This clear position of St. Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church, and of Paul IV’s Bull Cum ex apostolatus officio is also the position of the former US nuncio, Carlo Maria Viganò, who does not consider Bergoglio to be a valid pope.

Catholics must repent and respect the truth that a heretic is not a valid pope. Those who obey him put their salvation at serious risk. If America, through the false prophets, including Bishop Schneider, continues to submit to the servant of Satan, who has even publicly dedicated himself to him in Canada, the curse will fall upon her and with it spiritual blindness, mass apostasy and moral decay.

Bishop Schneider falsely claims: “The pope gets his authority directly from God and not from the Church; therefore, the Church cannot depose him, for any reason whatsoever.”
We respond: The heretical pseudo pope gets an anathema, or excommunication from the Church, directly from God. Therefore, the Church obedient to God cannot regard him as pope anymore.

Quote by Schneider: “The extremely rare case of a heretical… pope must ultimately be endured and suffered…”
The dogmatic bull of Paul IV nowhere states that a heretical pseudo pope must be endured and suffered. On the contrary, it states: “If ever at any time it shall appear that any Bishop, … or any Cardinal of the Roman Church, or even the Roman Pontiff, prior to his promotion or his elevation as Cardinal or Roman Pontiff, has deviated from the Catholic Faith or fallen into some heresy: the promotion or elevation, even if it shall have been uncontested and by the unanimous assent of all the Cardinals, shall be null, void and worthless.”

At the end of his Bull, Paul IV declares: No one at all, therefore, may infringe this document of our approbation or by rash presumption contradict it. If anyone, however, should presume to attempt this, let him know that he is destined to incur the wrath of Almighty God and of the blessed Apostles, Peter and Paul.” (February 15, 1559)

What should Bishop Strickland do in this situation?
He should write a pastoral letter to sincere but confused Catholics and explain to them that if he obeyed Bergoglio, he would betray both Christ and them. Soon, under this false obedience, his successor and the faithful would have to accept the blessing of same-sex couples and the elimination of the sacrament of the altar and, eventually, the sacrament of the priesthood.

With his pastoral letter and with his position of bravely staying with his flock, in his place, and not submitting to the arch-heretic and his sect, Bishop Strickland will set a precedent not only for the Catholic Church in the USA, but all over the world to stop the suicidal process.

At this time, literally in these hours, the psychological and spiritual struggle is coming to a climax. U.S. Catholics have an obligation to support Bishop Joseph at this crucial moment, so that he remains faithful to God and does not leave. The platitudes about the so-called will of God and about so-called obedience to a manifest heretic are a betrayal of Christ and disobedience to God.

If Texas does not stand up for its bishop at this critical juncture, and if Bishop Strickland is forced by false public opinion to respect the God-opposed destructive orders of a heretic, an avalanche process will be triggered. Christianity in America will gradually evaporate, just like in Germany, Belgium, Holland, and elsewhere.

Dear Bishop Joseph, God has allowed this trial of faith and faithfulness to come just as He did in the lives of many holy bishops in the past who maintained faithfulness to the Catholic teachings. Do not leave your office! Texas is a Catholic territory, there is a Catholic government here; this government will not remove you, as might happen in other states in the USA where Democrats are in power. Set a precedent of faithfulness to Christ for all Catholic bishops in this hard trial for the Church. Do not submit in false obedience to a man who illegally occupies the highest office as an arch-heretic in order to abolish God’s laws. He overthrows all the pillars of faith and morals. He has dedicated himself to Satan and promotes sodomite marriage. What God wants from you is a concrete act of faithfulness to Jesus Christ and to the flock entrusted to you. Do not leave your flock! Stand your ground! Fight! Defend the faith! Your testimony for Christ will move all of America and the entire Catholic world. Don’t be a coward; don’t run away from the fight! Don’t be deceived by those who will tell you that you must obey and that it is God’s will for you to leave for God’s sake. That’s a fatal lie! Stand in the truth, in the true will of God, and do not leave! If there is any doubt as to what God’s will is, I testify before God that God’s will is for you to stay and continue to fight for Christ.

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                    + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

November 13, 2023