The Unz Review:ㅤJavier Milei: The Empire Strikes Back, by Hans Vogel

The Unz Review:ㅤJavier Milei: The Empire Strikes Back, by Hans Vogel

20-11-23 05:10:00,

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Javier Milei: The Empire Strikes Back

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The voters of Argentina have decided that 53-year-old Javier Milei is going to be their next president. He will be the first unmarried president since 1916 when Vicente Yrigoyen was elected. Like Yrigoyen, whose nickname was el peludo (the armadillo, literally the hairy one), Milei has a nickname that is to do with hair: la peluca (the wig, because of his lush and abundant hairdo). Like Yrigoyen in his day, Milei has a political agenda that seems anathema to the interests of the empire to which Argentina belongs. A century ago it was England, today it is the US Empire.

Vaguely resembling Argentinian Independence hero Manuel Belgrano, and with sideburns like former president Carlos Menem, Milei is usually characterized as “right-wing” and “populist,” which are just meaningless epithets. In politics today, the very notions of right and left have long lost the significance they once had. Many of the ideas that today’s “right-wing” politicians and parties cherish would have been called “left-wing” only one or two generations ago,

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