The November Issue Of JOHNSTONE Is Out Now

The November Issue Of JOHNSTONE Is Out Now

21-11-23 12:02:00,

The 104-page November edition of JOHNSTONE is dedicated solely to the ongoing genocide in Gaza, because quite frankly that’s all we could think about this month. Each day has served up new and fresh horrors for our eyeballs as the worst massacre of this century dovetailed with social media and we all found ourselves with a front seat to rolling atrocities.

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Contents of the November issue:

  1. Tone Policing Opposition To Genocide … 3
  2. Israelis Keep Hurting Their Own PR Interests By Talking … 7
  3. US Says It’s Powerless To Stop The Genocide That It Is Directly Funding And Supplying … 11
  4. It’s A Little Bit Bomby In Gaza Today … 15
  5. The US Empire’s PR Crisis In Gaza … 16
  6. Israel Apologists Relentlessly Gaslight And Attack Our Sense Of Reality … 21
  7. Biden ‘Countering Islamophobia’ While Incinerating Gaza Is The Most Democrat Thing Ever … 24
  8. We Don’t Think Hard Enough About What Bombs Are And What They Do … 26
  9. The Ten Dumbest Things We’re Being Asked To Believe About Israel’s War On Gaza … 29
  10. There’s Only So Much Propaganda Spin You Can Put On The Murder Of Thousands Of Children … 30
  11. It’s Okay To Admit You Were Wrong About Gaza … 33
  12. Israel Cut Off Gaza’s Communications Because Murderers Don’t Like Witnesses … 34
  13. As The Lights Go Out In Gaza … 37
  14. The Moral Complexities Of Bombing A Concentration Camp Full Of Children … 38
  15. The Insane Idea That Nations Get To Do War Crimes Whenever Something Bad Happens To Them … 42
  16. What Would It Look Like If You Were Standing On The Wrong Side Of History? 

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