Gaza – The Astounding Parallels with 9/11 – Introduction

Gaza – The Astounding Parallels with 9/11 – Introduction

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If we learned anything from our collective research in the 9/11 Truth Movement it was that our Government and Media lied to us – on a colossal scale – from the cause of the destruction of the 3 World Trade Center Skyscrapers, to the perpetrators blamed for the events of 9/11.

And we found that it wasn’t the first time. The attacks of September 11 were just the latest in a long line of State Crimes Against Democracy (SCAD) or False Flag Operations where the classic Hegelian Dialectic — Problem/Reaction/Solution is deployed creating Order Out of Chaos.

Is it possible that, if we look deeper into the October 7th incursion by Hamas into Israel — deeper than just the initial fear-porn talking points of the mainstream media and government leaders in its wake — we might find a number of tags indicating that things are, once again, not what they seem?

  • Part 1: Parallel — Previously Established & Geo-Strategic Goals — Coveting the Natural Resources of the Target Territory

  • Part 2: Parallel — A Rich History of Historic and Recent Provocations & False Flag Operations

  • Part 3: Parallel — Politically Useful Controlled Patsies

  • Part 4: Parallel — A Triggering Event – An Innovative Attack with Dubious Origins; A Manufactured Invasion from Foreign Operatives

  • Part 5: Parallel — A Catastrophic Intelligence Failure

  • Part 6: Parallel — A Military Stand-down — with an Obvious Uncharacteristic Delay in Response

  • Part 7: Parallel — Foreknowledge of the Attacks

  • Part 8: Parallel — Dancing Israelis — During the Attacks

  • Part 9: Parallel — Propaganda with Outrageous Slogans from Gov’t & Media to Manipulate Public Emotion, Crisis Actors

  • Part 10: Parallel — Atrocities Alleged to the Enemy with Ensuing Dehumanization

  • Part 11: Parallel — Denial of Alleged Atrocities by the Enemy

  • Part 12: Parallel — Opposition Media/Journalists Targeted

  • Part 13: Parallel — Military Revenge Attack Prepared in Advance with No Investigation

  • Part 14: Parallel — Occupy Territory of the New Enemy — The Land Grab

  • Part 15: Parallel — Widening the Conflict to Achieve Original Broader Goals

  • Part 16: Parallel — Effect Regime Change of Enemy Leadership

  • Part 17: Parallel — Enact “Forever War” Policy

  • Part 18: Parallel — $$ Billions Flow to the Media, Banking, War Industries

  • Part 19: Parallel — Extreme Public Censorship by Gov’t, MSM, Social Media

  • Part 20: Parallel — Draconian Policies & Surveillance Instituted by Gov’t.

According to the official narrative, on October 7 thousands of rockets were fired across the border, paving the way for a thousand or more Hamas soldiers to invade Israel by land, air, and sea — with motorcycles, trucks, paragliders, and speedboats. They were neither detected, nor responded to for about 7 hours while attacking numerous Israeli towns, performing alleged crimes including murder, rape, and the beheading of babies, then kidnapping 200+ hostages whom they took back with them over the border.

Some of this appears to be true. But let’s look deeper into the patterns and see what we can learn. It has been well-established that the “attacks” of 9/11 were “synthetic terror” – a false flag operation. What are the parallels between the events of 9/11 and the Hamas attacks along the Gaza border? Are there elements of the classic Hegelian dialectic strategy — Problem/Reaction/Solution?

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Coming right up in Part 1: We take on the Parallel: “Previously Established & Geo-Strategic Goals; Coveting the Natural Resources of the Target Territory”

We discover, for instance, that the goals of a vast increase in the US military budget, along with regional hegemony in the Middle East achieved by the 9/11 perpetrators were forecast by the NeoCon think tank “Project for a New American Century”.

We also find that Osama bin Laden was a relatively insignificant factor in the decision to invade Afghanistan (compared to it’s strategic military importance and vast profits from opium and gas pipelines), and that the reason cited for taking down Saddam Hussein in Iraq was also relatively unimportant compared to its strategic military location and vast oil reserves.

We will tackle the all-important question: “Are the Palestinian and Jewish people being played against each other by puppet masters?”

We will uncover a wealth of controversial information, digging into the roots of the Israeli/Palestinian saga — uncovering a dark history, not just the inception and artificial creation of the nation of Israel itself, but of a deadly international dis-ease, spawned centuries ago infecting all of Europe, America, and the world via secret societies with goals including destruction of governments & religions, and world domination generating in its wake innumerable false flag attacks such as 9/11 and Gaza, with resulting wars of aggression under the guise of self defense.

We’ll look into the many geo-strategic reasons that Israel has for targeting Gaza for depopulation — including the long-awaited construction of their alternate route to the Suez Canal — the Ben Gurion Canal; And we’ll look into the natural gas fields discovered two decades ago immediately offshore of Gaza that, if not for its Palestinian owners in Gaza, could make Israel $453 billion in profit as an exporter of gas to Europe — especially in the wake of the US-sponsored sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline. Oil was found as well, worth an estimated $71 billion.

Stay tuned to RichardGage911 for Part 1…