Bret Weinstein Goes out to Lunch with Tucker: The Chinese Boogeyman Strikes Again

Bret Weinstein Goes out to Lunch with Tucker: The Chinese Boogeyman Strikes Again

06-02-24 12:33:00,

Throughout the past week, I received dozens of requests to share my thoughts on Bret Weinstein’s recent appearance on Tucker Carlson where the intrepid biologist sounds the alarm like a latter day Paul Revere on the dangerous Chinese Communist conspiracy to destroy America by directing mass immigrants to flood the Texas border, unleash new bioweapons and BRI the west to death… The full interview can be viewed here:

I respect Bret and his Dark Horse podcast was a useful platform for sifting through medical lies throughout the past few years, so I didn’t want to think that Bret could possibly engage in sloppy Cold Warrior fear-mongering, so I put it off. This is the sort of thing I have come to expect out of figures like Robert Malone, Tucker, Ezra Levant, intel chiefs running the CIA, NSA, FBI or CSIS… but certainly Bret couldn’t have jumped on that bandwagon too… or could he?

Well, after finally watching the interview, I am sad to say that’s exactly what he did.

What I can say with full honesty is that this is an asinine assessment that builds conjecture upon conjecture without ever proving anything, using the ancient art of office gossip. But Bret is a scientist so his gossip is supposed to be really high quality I guess and in no way connected to the sort of gossip circulated by the Five Eyes which is obviously not to be trusted.

Some of Bret’s claims:

1) China is bad because they resisted the pressure to allow mRNA jabs into their country…

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