The Unz Review:ㅤWe Love You Ayelet Shaked, by Pierre Simon

The Unz Review:ㅤWe Love You Ayelet Shaked, by Pierre Simon

07-02-24 05:12:00,

Jews deserve our respect for at least one thing: no other people, no other race, has survived and dominated so successfully. Whether rich or poor, stupid or smart, believer or atheist, when things turn into pogroms, the children of Abraham organize, defend their interests, and destroy those who threaten their racial vitality.

You will not succeed in stigmatizing them because they un-abashedly claim to belong to the Jewish race. Nor will you succeed in demonizing them because they insist on having a country where they can live among themselves as they please. We racially inhibited Whites should follow their example: it’s not a terrible crime to act in the interests of your race.

Oddly, no one calls them “racist” because in their Promised Land, race mixing is verboten. No one calls them “homophobic” or “sexist” because the Israeli Supreme Court has banned pornography (except in Palestinian areas), gay marriage and adoption, and restricted abortion. No one calls them “xenophobes” because only full-blooded Jews have the right to immigrate freely to Israel. No one calls them “Nazis” because Arabs (20%), Christians, and other minorities do not have the same rights as the majority.[1]Philip Weiss, “This Is What ‘Jewish Democracy’ Looks Like,” Mondoweiss, News about Palestine, Israel & the United States, Mar-ch 26, 2021. No one calls them “macho” because it is the men, not the women, as in the West, who wear the pants. No one calls them “evil supremacists” because they are all armed to the teeth and practice genocide as one breathes.

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