Consortium News:ㅤScott Ritter: Tucker Madness Is Good for America

Consortium News:ㅤScott Ritter: Tucker Madness Is Good for America

08-02-24 01:18:00,

Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin tonight will deliver an antidote to dangerous Russophobia in the U.S. while unleashing an insane reaction from Western elites. 

By Scott Ritter
Scott Ritter Extra

The former Fox News talk show host-turned independent media phenomenon, Tucker Carlson, is in Moscow, where he has committed the mortal sin of interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The interview is scheduled to air at 6 pm eastern time tonight, Thursday, Feb. 8. Let there be no doubt — Tucker Carlson has pulled off one of the most memorable journalistic accomplishments in modern history, and when the interview does air, it will — literally and figuratively — break the internet.

As someone who has travelled to Russia twice in the past year to engage in “people’s diplomacy” designed to advocate for better US-Russian relations, I applaud Tucker Carlson’s decision to go to Moscow and get this interview.

The American people have been infected with a virulent case of Russophobia transmitted to them via a political and economic elite who have built a model of American relevance predicated on the need for an enemy capable of sustaining a military industrial and congressional complex by justifying an expansive budget that leaves America weaker and shareholders wealthier.

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