The Unz Review:ㅤEnvironmental Activists and Machiavellianism, by Edward Dutton

The Unz Review:ㅤEnvironmental Activists and Machiavellianism, by Edward Dutton

10-02-24 05:00:00,

It is intuitively obvious that people who have the need to emphasise how “moral” and “kind” they are tend to not be very nice people.

Have you ever been at a party where you have started chatting to someone who is “Woke.” Perhaps she is vegetarian, makes a point of purchasing organic food, signs petitions and goes on occasional environmental protests. She will be very pleasant and outgoing until you say something that indicates that you are on what she perceives as the “enemy” side, such as that genetics might play a role in crime. At this point, she will turn: she will become cold, she will shun you. This is because the Woke are not genuinely kind people at all. Many of them behave as they do because they have a personality disorder and a growing number of studies are showing this to be true.

A personality disorder is defined as an enduring pattern of disruptive thoughts, behaviours and moods. There are various personality disorders, but it appears that those most strongly associated with the “Woke” stereotype are “Narcissism” and “Machiavellianism.” Machiavellianism is characterised by manipulative behaviour, deception, a desire for power and trying to force others to comply with your wishes. Signalling Wokeness in a leftist society is a play for power. Narcissism is characterised by entitlement, arrogance, exploitation, grandiosity and a desire for praise. Wokeness, in a liberal society, involves believing you are morally superior to others and may elicit praise. These are two of the “Dark Triad” personality traits,

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