The Unz Review:ㅤRussia — A Democracy That Works, by Paul Craig Roberts

The Unz Review:ㅤRussia — A Democracy That Works, by Paul Craig Roberts

18-03-24 04:00:00,

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Russia — A Democracy That Works

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With a 75% voter turnout, 87% of the turnout voted for Putin.

No, the election was not rigged. Americans are so accustomed to their elections being rigged that they think all other countries’ elections are rigged also. The whore American media instantly began the required chant: “a fishy election.” Of course, American elections are never fishy, not even when under cover of darkness vote totals are suddenly reversed.

The election turnout is high in Russia because Putin, like Ronald Reagan and unlike Biden, is a leader who focuses on unifying the country. From a Russian national perspective, there is little, if anything, about which to disagree with Putin. His recent address to the Russian people shows his concern as well as the active measures he is implementing to support families and soldiers. It is rare for a country to have a leader who is not trying to survive being in office or using the office for his personal benefit.

There is no hope for US/Russian relations. The budget and power of the US military/security complex,

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