Consortium News:ㅤShielding the Nation Starving Gaza

Consortium News:ㅤShielding the Nation Starving Gaza

20-03-24 03:40:00,

The editors of The New York Times know exactly what they’re doing when they cover Israel’s deliberate starvation of Palestinian civilians as though it’s a weather report, writes Caitlin Johnstone.

New York Times building. (Joe Lauria)

By Caitlin Johnstone

Listen to Tim Foley reading this article. 

The mass media are printing some amazingly depraved headlines about a new U.N.-backed report on starvation in Gaza from the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification, who says half the enclave’s population is now at the highest-possible threat level for starvation.

The New York Times has a real corker out titled “Famine Is Projected for Northern Gaza, Experts Say,” subtitled “A global authority on food security said that in the coming months, as many as 1.1 million people in Gaza could face the severest levels of hunger.”

A casual news consumer could get multiple paragraphs into this article assuming that people in a place called Gaza are suffering from some kind of famine caused by natural events, like a drought or something. 

Not until paragraph four would they encounter the word “Israeli,” and not until paragraph five would they encounter the line “Israeli’s bombardment and a near-total blockade.”

At a time when only 20 percent of news readers ever make it past the headline of a given story,

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