Israel Apologia Is One Big Fat Appeal To Emotion Fallacy

Israel Apologia Is One Big Fat Appeal To Emotion Fallacy

22-03-24 01:49:00, Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Listen to a reading of this article (reading by Tim Foley):

The Israeli hostages deserve far, far less interest and attention than the hundreds of thousands of Gazans who are being starved and murdered as we speak. The only way to believe otherwise is to believe Israeli lives are worth thousands of times more than Palestinian lives.

The PR campaign for Israel’s destruction of Gaza revolves around encouraging everyone to focus on the feelings of people on the pro-Israel side instead of focusing on facts and evidence. The way Israelis are feeling about October 7. The way Israelis are feeling about the hostages. The way pro-Palestine demonstrations make western Jews feel inside. What feelings Biden is privately feeling toward Netanyahu. The whole thing’s one big fat appeal to emotion fallacy. 

Meanwhile the feelings of the two million Palestinians being starved, displaced, dismembered, traumatized, terrorized and having to watch their loved ones die horrific deaths right in front of them never features. We’re discouraged from thinking about their emotions at all. Only the feelings of people who support these atrocities shall draw our attention and sympathy, thereby generating support for the continuation of those atrocities.

Palestinians in Gaza have been experiencing unfathomable suffering for nearly six months now but the entire western political-media class has been insisting since October 7 that we center the feelings of Israelis and western Jews at all times.

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