The “Kosovo War” 25 Years Ago

The “Kosovo War” 25 Years Ago

24-03-24 01:30:00, US diplomat and OSCE mission chief, William Walker, visits the staged “Racak massacre” on 17 January 1999 (KK)

Published: 24 March 2024

25 years ago, Nato’s Kosovo War against Serbia began.

25 years ago today, Nato launched its illegal 78-day bombing campaign against Russian ally Serbia to take control of its Kosovo province. The war was based on a series of deceptions, such as the staged “Racak massacre” shown above: fallen KLA fighters were redressed, rearranged and passed off as executed civilians.

Today Kosovo is home to Camp Bondsteel, the largest military base built by the US in Europe since the Vietnam War, while almost half of the Kosovar population wants to leave the country. The US-backed independence of Kosovo was an important precedent for the more recent Russian recognition and annexation of Crimea and the Donbas republics.

The world-renowned SPR Media Archive features several investigative documentaries about the Kosovo War, such as the BBC’s Moral Combat: Nato at War and Kosovo War: It Began with a Lie produced by German public broadcaster WDR.

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