Consortium News:ㅤWATCH: Nabbed Stopping Military Shipment to Israel

Consortium News:ㅤWATCH: Nabbed Stopping Military Shipment to Israel

25-03-24 12:00:00,

Consortium News was in Port Botany in Sydney, Australia on Sunday to capture these dramatic images of police aggressively arresting protestors trying to block export of military aid to Israel. 

Video and article by Cathy Vogan
Special to Consortium News

Paul Keating, branch secretary of the Australian Maritime Union (AMU) spoke for fellow members in solidarity with the Palestinian community and faced off with police, when he and several hundred protestors blockaded Sydney’s Port Botany on Sunday to protest Australia’s export of military aid to Israel.

The protestors’ target is ZIM Shipping, a well known Israeli company that trade unionist Ian Rintoul says supports and is connected with Israel. “It offered its services to the Israeli state for the conduct of the genocide,” he told Consortium News. “Zim Shipping has actually been a target of protests at ports all around the world in the United States and Italy, Europe [and elsewhere in Australia]”.

Keating, who also spoke to CN, called on all of the other workers’ unions to stand with the AMU and for Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to place sanctions on Israel for what the International Court of Justice has called a plausible case of genocide.

He told the police chief at the scene: “This is an international working class issue”,

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