The Moscow Concert Hall Attack May Have Been A Staged Event

The Moscow Concert Hall Attack May Have Been A Staged Event

25-03-24 07:00:00, Strange scenes: the Moscow concert hall attack (SPR)

Published: March 25, 2024
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A preliminary analysis of the March 22 Moscow concert hall attack.


Please note: Swiss Policy Research (SPR) is an academic open-source research group without any links to any intelligence services or any other “insider knowledge”.



On 22 March at 16:00 UCT, Swiss Policy Research published a post titled “Staged Terror on March 22”. The post discussed the 22 March 2016 “Brussels bombings” and the 22 March 2017 “London Westminster attack”, both of which have been exposed as staged events run by Western security services. In both cases, the “ISIS” terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Just one hour later, at 17:00 UCT or 20:00 Moscow time, a major attack on the Crocus City Hall in Moscow was reported. The Afghanistan-based “ISIS-KP” group claimed responsibility for the attack, but Russian authorities attributed it to Tajik militants hired and paid by Ukraine.

Naturally, the question arises if the Moscow concert hall attack, too, may have been a staged event. Given the many precedents, not asking this question, or rejecting it out of hand, would be just as unprofessional as simply asserting that the attack was indeed staged.

As a matter of fact, staging terrorist attacks and plane crashes with entire school classes,

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