Why Lyndon LaRouche Matters in 2024: Storm over Asia (25th anniversary)

Why Lyndon LaRouche Matters in 2024: Storm over Asia (25th anniversary)

27-03-24 11:45:00,

Every so often, I receive an email from someone or other criticizing me for promoting the ideas of the late American economist Lyndon H. LaRouche (1923-2019).

I understand where these critiques come from as there is a massive amount of gossipy slander, and over 5 decades of coordinated character assassination built atop the man, and that level of propaganda will obviously have an effect.

Over the past few years, I have done what I could to demonstrate the importance of his ideas and policy conceptions, and direct influence on world politics throughout a variety of essays, books and videos (some of which can be accessed here, or here or here or here).

With the small bit of influence that I have built up over a tiny section of the thing called ‘alternative media’, I have done my best to introduce a broader audience to LaRouche’s work as an advisor to leading governments of the world throughout the 1970s-1980s, to running (and winning) state level political seats in local elections, to pioneering organizations that pulled together leading scientists and artists (such as The Fusion Energy Foundation and Schiller Institute).

However if you’d like to get a simple, clear, concise inroad into the quality of this man’s strategic insight, and if you find yourself a bit overwhelmed with the vast amount of existent information on the topic (both anti and pro-LaRouche), I’d suggest simply sitting back and watching the first 8 minutes of LaRouche’s 1999 ‘Storm over Asia’ broadcast.

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