Consortium News:ㅤICJ Issues New Order in Genocide Case Against Israel

Consortium News:ㅤICJ Issues New Order in Genocide Case Against Israel

29-03-24 08:10:00,

The World Court cited “exceptionally grave” developments, especially the “spread of famine and starvation,” in once again ordering Israel to prevent genocidal acts in Gaza.

The International Court of Justice, principal judicial organ of the U.N., holds public hearings on Israel practices in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, from Feb. 19 to 26, 2024. (ICJ)

By Brett Wilkins
Common Dreams

Citing “the worsening conditions of life faced by Palestinians in Gaza, in particular the spread of famine and starvation,” the International Court of Justice on Thursday ordered Israel to allow desperately needed humanitarian aid into the embattled enclave and reiterated an earlier directive to prevent genocidal acts.

The ICJ’s new provisional order — which passed by a vote of 15-1, with Israeli Ad-Hoc Judge Aharon Barak dissenting — states that Israel must take “all necessary and effective measures to ensure, without delay, in full cooperation with the United Nations, the unhindered provision at scale by all concerned of urgently needed basic services and humanitarian assistance to Palestinians throughout Gaza.”

This includes “food, water, electricity, fuel, shelter, clothing, hygiene, and sanitation requirements, as well as medical supplies and medical care.”

The Hague-based court also ordered Israel to ensure “with immediate effect that its military does not commit acts which constitute a violation of any of the rights of the Palestinians in Gaza as a protected group” under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

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