Moscow “Terrorist Attack”: New Evidence in Favor of a Staged Event

Moscow “Terrorist Attack”: New Evidence in Favor of a Staged Event

29-03-24 11:00:00, Moscow attack: the “men in blue” (Nexta)

Published: 29 March 2024
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New evidence supports the hypothesis of a staged event in Moscow.

On March 25, SPR published a first forensic video analysis and concluded that the March 22 Moscow concert hall “terrorist attack” may have been a staged false-flag event. Since then, additional evidence has emerged that adds further support to this hypothesis, while none of the arguments provided in the original analysis have so far been invalidated.

Initial analysis and responses

To recap, the initial analysis revealed multiple anomalies that are suggestive of a staged event, including:

  1. most video footage is of unusually low video quality;
  2. not a single execution by gunfire can be seen anywhere;
  3. shattering glass doors are mostly due to people, not gunfire;
  4. some people appear to survive close-range gunfire unscathed;
  5. the gunfire shows an unusual, movie-like “sparking effect”;
  6. not a single victim can be seen up close in high resolution;
  7. multiple “bodies” exhibit postures that are very difficult or even impossible to explain physiologically, but that are typical of simulation bodies (i.e. manikins);
  8. the supposed “beheading video” shows no beheading at all, but does show multiple anomalies that are suggestive of a simulation body and video editing;
  9. the entire building burnt down but no large-scale arson can be seen;

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